RCIA Inquiry Series

Catholic Answers for Catholic Questions

“Come and see…”

Discussion for adults looking for answers about God, faith, religion, mercy and their place in the world.

Just coffee, cookies and conversation. No commitment required. 


Sixth and Ninth Commandments

What is the Church’s position on human sexuality? Why? Why does the Church object to divorce, contraception, pre-marital sex and pornography? How seriously should we take sexual morality? Why does the Church say that Marriage is a Sacrament? What does that mean?

Seventh, Eighth and Tenth Commandments

Why is stealing wrong? Why is lying wrong? What do I owe other people?

The Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist

Why go to Mass? Who can receive the Eucharist? Why? Why Baptize infants? What is Confirmation?

The Sacraments: Confession and Anointing

Why go to Confession? Why confess my sins to a priest? What does the Bible say about forgiveness and mercy? Who can be anointed?

Saints and Angels

Why do Catholics pray to saints? Why do Catholics have statues? Do Catholic’s worship Mary?

Happiness and Morality – Virtue and Sin

Why should we avoid sin? What does it mean to be “happy”? What is “virtue” vs. “vice”? What does it mean to be a “good person”?

Longing for God

What is the point of life? What is the point of religion? If God is important to me, what should I do?


Why do we pray? Can we change people and events through our prayers? How do we pray? Are there different kinds of prayers? Should we prayer every day?

Scripture and Tradition

How do I know that the Bible is true? Where did it come from? Who put the books in the Bible? Should I listen to Tradition? Why?

The topics covered only make up half the class time. The other half is question and answer. Questions may be submitted anonymously, and will be answered at the next class.

First and Second Commandment

What does it mean to worship God? What does it mean to honor God? Why should we do that?

Third Commandment

Why keep Sunday Holy? What do we owe God? Why pray?

Fourth and Fifth Commandments

What does it mean to honor our father and mother? Why should we respect other humans? Why does the Church object to abortion, euthanasia, domestic abuse, crimes of violence and detraction?


Check back in Fall 2017 for upcoming dates.


Who Should Attend?


Catholics and non-Catholics with questions about the God, Faith, Morality or the Catholic Church is welcome to attend.

Catholics are particularly encouraged to bring their non-Catholic or non-practicing Catholic friends. 

No registration or materials required. Just show up!