From the Desk of Father Donahue
October 19, 2014

Dear Parishioners

Peace to you from the rectory!  Today is a big day for the parish offertory program: It is Commitment Sunday, the day when the whole parish pledges financial support for the coming year.  Thanks to your ongoing generosity, we are able to pay our bills.  Thanks to you pledge today, we are improving liturgical music and adding an assistant to our youth ministry staff. I thank you very much for your support!

Some have asked me when to begin fulfilling your pledge. Please do so as soon as possible, as I have already made extra hires for church music and youth ministry.  I am counting on your increased giving to cover our new expenses!

If you did not get the chance to pledge today, there are envelopes containing pledge cards on the vestibule pamphlet rack. Simply fill out the pledge card, put it in the envelope, and turn it in to an usher or drop it off at the rectory office.  Also, if you are not using electronic giving yet, now is the time to begin – it’s easy! Go to the Faith Direct website and enter our church code “VA 72”, or, scan the QR code, which is nearby in this bulletin.  For those already signed up with Faith Direct, now is also a good time to update your giving plan based on your pledge.

I want to close by asking for your prayers. Starting October 20, I will be gone for the next few days on retreat.  It will be a blessing to spend these days in prayer and rest, getting ready for even more service here at St. Philip. One thing that will be very much in my thoughts and prayers is our upcoming Pastoral Council meeting on Monday, November 3. At that meeting we will be discussing ways the parish can continue to reach out to married couples and their families. The inspiration for this discussion is the Extraordinary Synod that ends today, October 19. Under the guidance of Pope Francis the theme for this synod has been “Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization.” I am looking forward to meeting with the Pastoral Council to consider what St. Philip is doing for the family, and ways we can improve.  St. Philip the Apostle – pray for us!  

Your servant in Christ, 
Fr. Donahue


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